About Orshade

Orshade Daylight control systems develops, markets and integrates shading systems, encapsulated inside double and triple glazed units. Orshade’s products are designed for a wide range of applications with the aim of enhancing personal well being of residents in different life environments such as homes, offices and public institutions. To achieve that we design shading systems that help spread and optimize natural daylight in these key environments.

Orshade is committed to supplying its trade partners a complete and comprehensive system including blinds, motors, controllers, command devices, bespoke software features and all of the know-how required for their integration in the project. That is why we develop these components in-house for our clients’ specific demands.

We offer

Consulting and project design

Consulting (installation)
Climate Calculations
Projects description

According to current legislation


Color selection (coating)
Setup / programming preparation
User Experience

Construction Process

Ownership of schedule

Products and installation

Integrated blinds and electronics for large scale projects and residential
Manual control
Electronic control

Integrated control – VBH
External control – VBE

Orshade Link

Online control
Smartphone/tablet App
Control each blind/group via QR code in individual room
Log for usage
Reduce service cost

Installation (own team of educated technicians)
Monitoring the construction process

Dialogue with craftsmen onsite

Service and maintenance

Service agreements
Access to data – usage log
Phone support
Monitoring the system
Follow-up/control visits
Adjustment / operating info help
“Project management” when re-ordering (ownership)
Link and access to control app

Orshade Daylight Control

Whether you're an architect looking to spec a high-performance shading system for a large scale project or a home owner in search of the perfect fit for your household windows, Orshade has something in its catalogue to meet your need. Check out our online catalogue!

Vision statement:

“We strive to create the best climate- and working environmental solutions through daylight control”

Mission statement

”We strive to be Europe’s first chosen supplier of shading systems”


Lyshøjen 8A, Bygning K5,
DK-8520 Lystrup, Denmark


Phone: +45 31799400
E-mail: info@orshade.eu