See the light

We see the light. And we want you to see the light, too. That is the heart of Orshade. We care about the results, but we care just as much about the process to get there, about fulfilling your vision to outmost satisfaction and letting your light shine as best as it can.


Product benefits

Climate (heat control)

Energy/cost saving – heat is kept out before entering the last pane within either double or tripple glazzing.

Working enviroment (light control)

Better working environment with limited solar disturbances (Glare).

Long life

Made of strong, well-tested materials to ensure long-lasting and safe operation.


Possibility of blackout and complete privacy.

Weatherproof, weather independent

Oposite external blinds, with integrated blinds, weather should not be a consideration.


An integrated blind ensures a uniform and minimalistic expression.

Hygienic and low maintanance

High degree of hygiene and installed in hermetical sealed enviroment (low abrasion).

Limited vadalism

As the blinds are integrated into the double glazing window, the possibility of mild vandalism is significantly reduced.

Variety of colors

Available in variety of colors

Orshade Europe

We are the European distributor of Orshade® high-performance shading system


Its been over 25 years now that Orshade has been supplying its cutting edge shading systems. Take a look at some of our accomplishments over the years – The biggest most complex projects to utilize sealed shading systems.


Want to know more about our product range? feel free to go through our downloadable PDF library where you can find technical specs, drawings and intereseting case studies. Want to know more? Contact us!

Orshade Daylight Control

Whether you're an architect looking to spec a high-performance shading system for a large scale project or a home owner in search of the perfect fit for your household windows, Orshade has something in its catalogue to meet your need. Check out our online catalogue!


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